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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Make your own 360° panorama videos!

In this article I would like to introduce you to 360° video shooting. How does it work?

When you film something with a regular video camera you can always record only a particular area of the field of vision – the one the camera sees with its optics. But with these regular cameras you are not able to record the full 360°panorama around you, at least not at the same time.
Then how is it possible to make it happen?
With the parallel use of multiple cameras at the same time you are able to record the full spherical view. Then the frames captured in the same moment can be put together with a special software, so you will be able to rotate the view during playing. 
The whole experience can be better understood by watching this promo video made by Mercedes.
Although the technology is just about to become popular - Youtube has already published an announcement just recently - in which it stated that the site will make it available to all of its users to watch videos filmed in full 360 degree panorama in the next few weeks.
Is it possible to record your own 360° videos with your own device?
Yes, several devices - Ricoh Theta, Bublcam, Panono, Giroptic 360cam, Kodak SP360 – are available on the market from 300 $. They are both relatively small and in many cases they optionally come with a waterproof kit.