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Monday, 26 January 2015

Take photos in real 3D!

In this article I would like to introduce you two immersive photo applications: 123D Catch and PhotoSphere.

 The first one is called 123D Catch. With this amazing app you can create full 3D models of any objects, people or sights in 10 minutes. When using this app, your only task is to take photos of the subject - you wish to digitalize - from all sides. According to the creators, we can create highly detailed 3D models, if we can take approx. 40 photos of the subject from different sides and angles. After this procedure the photos should be uploaded to the central server, where the final 3D image takes form, which we can freely rotate as we wish using the app itself. Here we can also share our creation with the world, and those who own 3D printers can even print the product, or a miniature version of it. 
123D Catch is available on Android and iOS alike.

This short training video represents the abilities of the app:

The second application is called PhotoSphere. It was debuted in the original Camera software on Android from version 4.2. With this app we can create full 360 degree panoramas - replicating the entire environment around us - with our smartphone or tablet. The final 360 degree panoramas can be viewed on smartphones, PCs, or even Google Cardboard as well. The application is also available on iOS since September, 2014. 

The following video introduces us to the making of a full 360 degree panorama photo:

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